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Big data presents big challenges.

Octavia helps you sort through the noise to make important clinical and business decisions.

Why Octavia-COMMUNITY?

With improvements in data exchange, repositories become larger and the data becomes more complex.  The majority of end users need to access data points quickly, visualize relationships between client characteristics and make decisions based on a combination of clinical and social factors.   Octavia-COMMUNITY surfaces the most clinically relevant pieces from the noise of the electronic record repositories,  enabling rapid course corrections, efficient patient interactions, and secure care collaboration. 

Octavia-COMMUNITY'S optimization engine is the core technology that drives maximum decision support for your organization.  Leveraging decades of clinical practice and big data generated from hospital practice patterns, Octavia-COMMUNITY's proprietary algorithms use predictive analytics and augmented intelligence to generate customized, flexible and effective real-time decision support.


Compatible with any electronic record system, Octavia-COMMUNITY was created by healthcare professionals who understand the need for better digital management tools.

Automated Informatics May Increase the Detection Rate of Suspicious Cases of Human Trafficking – a preliminary study.

How the Octavia 24x7 Sentry helped providers in 3 California hospitals detect and make an impact in fight against human trafficking. 

JAMIA Open, Volume 6, Issue 4, December 2023, ooad097,

Let your staff hit the ground running.

Octavia displays all the information you need to care for your patients right at your fingertips.  Improve your care teams’ communication and coordination by utilizing Octavia’s hyper-efficient dashboard and features.

Improve Workflow

An intuitive dashboard lays out your most frequented reports and graphs, your daily/weekly/monthly pursuit lists, and your sentry notifications.  No sorting, arranging, or collating necessary. 

Identify any cohort. 

Receive notifications tailored to your needs.

The user-friendly interface of Octavia allows any user to develop a profile of cohort characteristics.   We've  eliminated the  need for coding knowledge, months-long wait times for report writers or corporate support teams.   Delayed claims data is too late to make actionable decisions that make a difference.


Rich development tools enable nimble screening for thousands of attributes, combined in complex relationships and patterns.  This functionality, coupled with 24x7 sentry alerts, facilitates identification and targeted notification, eliminating the time and stress of manual screening and reducing alert fatigue.

Our Services

Learn more about what makes up the Octavia-COMMUNITY

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Reduction in 7-Day sepsis readmission rate with Octavia enabled identification of high- risk patient cohort, status change alerts and electronic tracking of consistent sepsis education.

(from 5.5% to 1.6%)


Sensitivity in detection of persons likely being trafficked or experiencing abuse, neglect or violence compared to prior manual methods without Octavia.  Enabled navigation with highly  trained, lived experience Navigator, providing  trauma-informed, longitudinal support.


Reduction in E.D. encounter volume for a high-risk, high-utilizing population based on clinical and social demographics selected from visit patterns of prior year (from 209 to 90) via personalized Navigation services, and collaboration across the Octavia platform.


Nine month total of cardiac ablation and Watchman surgeries, resulting from Octavia enabled identification of persons matching a candidate profile during  E.D. encounters, compared with ZERO  referrals  from other methods.


Percentage of enrollees in non-profit hospital Community Benefits programs, identified and contacted within the Octavia hospital-based platform.


Number of hospital self-audits in 1 month for utilization review, coding and condition changes.  Octavia's automated 24x7 sentry monitors complex CMS billing and coding requirements.  100% managed in real-time with the Octavia sentry alert system.

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