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Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence as applied to the combinations of health records, payer records, smart devices, genetic and government databases, each with diversity in format, content, type, and context is a massive undertaking.  The raw data has limited value until it is converted into a  usable form.

Simplifying the collection and organization of healthcare data with tools that uncover the most relevant  pieces is the first step toward effective data analytics.  Octavia-COMMUNITY strives to give end-users the access, ability and agility to gain meaningful, actionable insights in an easy-to-use interface.

Data should give actionable insights.

Get the  insights you need,

when you need them.

Healthcare analytics doesn't have to be confusing. 


Octavia-COMMUNITY puts reporting capabilities in your hands so you can make decisions today.

Utilization and Productivity

How well has your organization made use of resources allocated?  Have you met the requirements of your contract, grant or obligation? 

Manage multiple variables within a single graphical report.  Simple modifications between reports allow you to compare and contrast processes and performance.

Resource & Population Mapping

Make better decisions based on the location and distribution of your services.  Geo-spatially visualize, track and analyze your organization's impact.

Identify distribution patterns, including areas of illness or need.  View aggregated data, define and visually track populations to learn ways to maximize your effect.

Outcomes and Projections

Did your intervention provide the desired result?  "Did my clinical treatment reduce the incidence of infections after surgery?"

"Did the change in hours of operation result in more use of the public shower station?"

Create strategic plans for the future with the knowledge of how you did in the past.

It's a data driven world

By digesting and aggregating data from any digital source, Octavia-COMMUNITY supplies you with the  information and tools to make your own analytical conclusions - in real time.  You are not limited to quarterly, semi-annual or annual reports based on historical data.  With the Octavia-COMMUNITY dashboard, you can see trends as they occur and modify variables to project the effects of proposed changes.  Course correct quickly if unfavorable trends are noted.  Expand an implementation when you observe desired results. 

Octavia-COMMUNITY data analysis solutions are purpose-built for agile decision support that you can make use of today.

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